Fortified Gazette  

My Mother, Mitochondrion (Wild Stone, Poor House Reading Rooms)

Symbio.Scenes Ep.2
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All Us Girls Have Been Dead For So Long
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There Are No Future Utopias (Another Gaze)

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Eight Things: On Sundials

The Stanley Parable
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To My Sister: Affinities

BOMB Retrospective: Cookie Mueller
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Night Slugs (Revised Version)

Night Slugs
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Undoing the Seperate Self: Linda Stupart in conversation with Sophie Paul

Treatise on Mould
(Scrawl Society)

Light That Doesn’t Stop Leaving: Captioning Attentions in Bathsheba the Interior Bible by Hélène Cixous, and Treatise on the Veil, from ‘Notes on Glaze’ by Wayne Koestenbaum
(Royal College of Art x Sticky Fingers Mailout)

The Unrealiseable
(Review, We Are Superfluous)

Food and Fear (with Marta Company)