The Environment Keeps Happening To Me

Intervention-performance in Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

Collaborative project with Sam Ray, Marta Company, Eva Novi, Emily Tonkinson-Sharp, Emily Blake, Gia MacCallum, Mai Harris, Jack Lowerson, Nye Conant, and Kiki Basso

Feb-March 2018

Formerly a sensational site of hedonistic indulgence, today Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens segregates pleasure in the sites surrounding the open space, seemingly neglecting its opulent history.

By reflecting upon this division, we explored the nature of pleasure, and its limitations, as belonging to a certain place and time. 

When pleasure becomes an action of labour, the instinctive sensation enjoyment brings begins to fade, and in its place, we begin to discover boredom, repetition, mechanisation.

The actions of pleasure that are performed are a homage to the experiences that can be observed in the park and its surroundings.

Enjoy it, but not too much.

Video Shot by Mai Harris and Gia MacCallum, edited by Sophie Paul