Just Speak Near By

Audio Project with the Pitt Rivers Musueum Photographic Archives, Oxford

Summer 2021 

In this 10 minute audio piece, the archive is translated into an unstable alamnac, a putrid public programme, or a backwards A-Z. This image of a turf sundial from 1909 is used to create an alternate time-scape that manipulates light and shadow. 

listen to Eight Things here

(Image credit: Shepherds of Britain, Edward Lovett, 1909)

Just Speak Near By is an audio project produced by MA Writing students at the Royal College of Art, supported by The Pitt Rivers Museum. We were joined by Dan Hicks, curator of World Archaeology at the Pitt Rivers, and three colleagues from the University of Oxford: Dr Mary-Ann Middelkoop, researcher on the project ‘The Restitution of Knowledge’ at the Pitt Rivers Museum; Rebekah Hodgkinson, Archaeology PhD Candidate, working with the Colonial Photographic Collections at the National Trust; and Beth Hodgett, PhD candidate, working with O.G.S. Crawford Photographic Archive, the Institute of Archaeology, Oxford and Pitt Rivers Museum.