The Anti-Tour

Alternative and speculative tour of the Natural History Museum in London. 

Collaboration with Sam Ray, Marta Company, Anitha Sriragavan, Emily Blake and Gia MacCallum.

Feb-March 2019

The Anti-Tour is anti structure,
The Anti-Tour is anti static,
The Anti-Tour is Anti-Tour

A self directed guerrilla style intervention, which takes users to empty spaces within the Natural History Museum, and asks them to speculate about their alternative present: where the artefact has gone, why it's missing, and what they'd like to see replace it. 

The Anti Tour subverts the use of emptiness; offering a chance to re-engage with the imagination in a space that is oversaturated with controlled visual information.  

This, in turn, creates an unstructured archive through fiction and shared narrative. 

The next cycle of the Anti Tour was creating temporary tattoos from the suggestions and illustrations left by those who interacted with it.

The Anti-Tour thus has a cyclical structure; creating a new archive that is entirely fluid in its geographical placement and intrinsically ephemeral by nature.