ARC: Proxyerotics

Publishing Project with MA Writing RCA class of 2021.
Art Direction Team: Sophie Paul, Kaiya Waerea, Sheran Forbes

Summer 2021

This is the 21st issue of the long running and internationally distrubuted RCA student magazine, ARC. ARC: Proxyerotics is cross platform in an attempt to destabilise the norm and conventional practices of student publishing, and to encourage conversations around how we connect and care for each other through screen and across distances, but still, irrevoccably, across the real. Proxyerotics is a newly coined term, desiring to aknowledge a shifted and stilted state of reality, a buffering, the incomplete,the instable, yet still intimate. The art direction team worked with designers based in the RCA to realise this desire, and to attempt to breach the gap, fall through it,resurface on the other side. 
ARC (formally ARK) is a student-led publication that began in 2004 following a long-hiatus of the original independent ARK magazine that ran from 1950 to 1978. It exists to provide a platform for the RCA’s top talent (students, staff and alumni) to engage in exciting philosophical and theoretical debates, and for students to dip their toes into the waters of journalism and continually refresh and reinterpret the format of printed matter.



4x large format fold out prints with a protective sleeve.
Unfolded size 670x870mm, folded down to 167.5x435mm.
Monotone lithograph with metallic ink accents
Designed by William Jacobson and Costas Kalogeropoulos
ISSN: 1749-8376
£7 + shipping (UK shipping £5)

Project Manager: Lars Stannard
Editorial: James Sunderland, Liv Walde, Saumya Sharma, Amber Mohsin
Art Direction: Sophie Paul, Sheran Forbes, Kaiya Waerea
Events: Kate Morgan, Hattie Morrison, Donna Marcus
Press and Distribution: Tania Teixeira, Margot Wilson
Design: William Jacobson, Costas Kalogeropoulos
Web Design: Scott Jones
Typefaces: Rungli by Kaj Lehmann & Pirelli by Karen Martens, Jungmyung Lee